Dealership Marketing

Winning Strategies

BDC marketing strategies turn clicks into clients! With dynamic and engaging ads unique to your dealership, we successfully generate leads like no one else. Paired with dynamic inventory ads that puts your stock at a client’s fingertips, a Facebook sales event will generate buzz around your dealership. BDC amplifies that buzz tenfold by creating the most appealing ads and converting internet users into in-person clients.

Consistent Promotion

The most important technique to dealership marketing is consistency. BDC carries the burden of creating new ads so you don’t have to. Our team of experts effectively reaches out to customers and persuades them to book appointments with you. We guide the clients to your doorstep, so all you have to worry about is securing those sales. 

Guaranteed Success

BDC has evidently increased the sales of each dealership that has used our services. We have repeatedly noticed an exponential gain of clients from our top of the line marketing strategies. With our help, you’ll get more than just likes and comments. You’ll get more appointments and cars sold—we guarantee it!

Our Engaging Tactics

More than just pretty graphics that will get you likes on Facebook, our expert team interacts with users to help you sell more cars. We work to facilitate appointment bookings, nurturing the lead all the way to your dealership.

The Best in Lead Generation

Generating leads for car dealerships is what we do best. Converting likes and digital interactions into physical customers entering your dealership can be burdensome, but consistently driving engagement through sales event pages and ads on Facebook is what BDC does best. 

Why a Facebook sales event?

Sales events on Facebook draw lots of attention to your dealership, so our team will create a unique page to attract anywhere from 100,000 to 500,000 users. From there, we will engage with potential clients and encourage them to book appointments. That’s how we get you more clients and more sales!

Success Stories

Yep, we’ve got tons of them. Check them out!

Why BDC Promotions?

At BDC Promotions, we use dynamic, Facebook-centric marketing tactics to drive leads for your dealership. Using cutting edge social media strategies, we meet your customers where they are and give them the right tools to connect with you to find the perfect vehicle. With years of experience across a wide range of dealership types, we’ll help you close more sales than ever.

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