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We are your digital concierge service. We work all the leads we generate for you over FB messenger and engage them instantly.

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How do we do it?

Facebook Sales Events

The most cost effective
way to fill your showroom.

Real people setting real appointments.

What is a Facebook Sales Event?


We create a Facebook Event page for your dealership. We reach 100,000-500,000 unique potential customers a week with the most exciting, engaging and converting social media ad content in the industry. 


A typical Facebook Sales Event will yield approximately 300 leads, and sometimes, our ads will generate as many as 1,000-1,500 leads in a week for your dealership. We have a team of seasoned automotive professionals that work Facebook Messenger from 9AM to 11PM every day! Their goal is to drive and set appointments for your store and get customers into your showroom. All of our appointments are tracked on a live calendar. Half of the traffic will come from appointments. The other half will come from people walking through the door saying they saw your ad on Facebook.


 Once these customers arrive, how you handle them will determine how successful your event will be. Our job is to get the customers into your dealership. Your job is to turn those appointments into car deals. Our dealers who have run event ads for the last 18 months, still testify to getting 40-50 extra customers through the door every week that want to buy a car. Advertising special events on Facebook is here to stay.  

What’s included in a Facebook Sales Event?

Personalized Facebook Event Page

Custom Promotional Event Ad

Full Service Trained BDC Team

Instant Lead Engagement


Ad Boosts To Engage More Leads

Social Chat Bots For Max Productivity

Calendar/Dashboard With All Appointments


Sales Event Promotional Report

Evans Arena Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram’s 06/06-06/12 Promotion

People Reached


Cars Sold

Post Engagements


Gross Profit

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Sales Events That Give You WINS!

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