Want to sell more cars?

It’s simple, make more appointments.

We are your digital concierge service. We work all the leads we generate for you over FB messenger and engage them instantly.

Got a minute? Let us show you how!

100% of Our Clients are Selling More Cars With Our Dynamic Facebook Marketing & Appointment Setting Strategy.

Seriously, it’s not too good to be true.

How do we do it?

Our winning strategy has two pieces to it.

1: A week long or multi week Sales Event to reach the masses and drive engagement to an Event page where our BDC team books appointments.

2: Consistent and Targeted Dynamic Inventory Ads that targets in market shoppers and puts your inventory directly in front of them to drive them to VDPs and then continues to follow up with them until they engage with the ad. From there we being nurturing the lead via SMS where we book appointments and nurture the leads for weeks, months, and even years!

What is a Facebook Sales Event?


We create a Facebook Event page for your dealership. We reach 100,000-500,000 unique potential customers a week with the most exciting, engaging and converting social media ad content in the industry.


A typical Facebook Sales Event will yield approximately 300 leads, and sometimes, our ads will generate as many as 1,000-1,500 leads in a week for your dealership. We have a team of seasoned automotive professionals……


Once these customers arrive, how you handle them will determine how successful your event will be. Our job is to get the customers into your dealership. Your job is to turn those appointments into car deals. Our dealers……

What’s included in a Facebook Sales Event?

Personalized Facebook
Event Page

Custom Promotional Event Ad

Full Service Trained BDC Team

Instant Lead Engagement

Ad Boosts To Engage
More Leads

Social Chat Bots For Max

Calendar/Dashboard With
All Appointments

The Results of a Facebook Sales Event

People Reached

Post Engagements




Cars Sold

Gross Profit

More Success Stories

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Nissan Store

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