Many successful automotive dealerships have a service BDC department that helps with what is arguably the most important part of any business process: the first impression. But what does service BDC stand for?

BDC stands for business development center, and a service BDC is a foolproof way to manage impressions of your dealership to ensure the highest amount of traffic and engagement. The main purpose of the BDC is, as its name would suggest, to develop business. A service BDC works specifically in the service department of your dealership, aiming to help create better first impressions and make more appointments, leading to higher sales. The two departments work hand-in-hand.

The service department of any dealership is important to its success. A service BDC that is well-run and functional should be able to bolster sales just through a reliable service department. A service BDC should focus not on making those sales, but on scheduling service appointments, most notably over the phone. The salespeople working on the floor can be great at communicating, but communicating over the phone is a whole different thing, which is why a service BDC can be so important. 

With a service business development center, you can rest assured that your dealership will build relationships with clients over the phone when they make service appointments. With caring and thorough communication, consistent following-up on appointments, and engaging interaction, a service BDC can assist in client retention and foster relationships with potential customers. 

A service BDC can make sure that your service department stays on track with calls, making sure that customers feel like they will be taken care of at your dealership. Growing trust in your dealership keeps customers coming back to you, and a good first impression is the first step to that.

Some dealerships may find it troublesome to develop their own service BDCs, regardless of the many benefits that they offer. Outsourcing the process is a viable and great option, and BDC Promotions is the best in the business for your BDC needs. Looking for more information on BDCs? Contact us to learn about our services.