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Collectively, Americans spend 76 Million hours on Facebook every day. We don’t roll the dice, We spend your ad dollars where the results are proven.

We Build Content and Copy that offers solutions to your Customer’s top Pain Points.

Stop selling cars, start selling solutions. Nothing speaks louder to potential clients than a dealership that is invested in them personally. We show them you care.

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Response time is everything. Your chance of closing the deal drops big percentage points with every second of delay. We don’t wait, we strike while it’s hot

Our BDC works around the clock.

Here’s how we help you book more appointments than ever! 

Here is a play by play of what to expect.

• Dedicated Facebook Ad Specialist & Management Team

• Stellar Content, Copy & Ad Creation

• Side-by-side A/B Ad Testing

• 20+ Member Dedicated BDC & Call Center

• Sales Event Metrics & Reporting


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Who We Are

BDC Promotions is a full service automotive marketing agency for your car dealership. Our team works around the clock to generate high qualified leads and book appointments.

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