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Our Team

Bernie clinton
Senior Advisor
Bernie Clinton is a dedicated water professional who combines analytic and organizational skills for project work and support to network development around irrigation, water, sanitation and hygiene in urban and rural areas.
Ashley hardy
VP Sales and Marketing
Ashley Hardy is Managing Director of Skat Foundation and Senior Knowledge Management Specialist. She has more than 20 years of working experience in International Cooperation. Her key competencies are in supporting and facilitating participatory processes, organizational learning, and strategic planning. Bertha is passionate about embracing dialogue, learning and co-creation processes in her work.
Gina Kennedy
Chief Marketing Officer
Gina Kennedy likes to laugh a lot whenever possible. She has worked to improve access to drinking water in developing countries for 18 years, particularly in relation to groundwater and borehole drilling and service sustainability. She is a skilled researcher and facilitators, with extensive experience of leading international and interdisciplinary teams.
Dennis Norrist
Chief Marketing Officer
Dennis Norrisе has complemented experience in all aspects of architectural design, planning, general building construction and facility management in large public works projects for housing schemes, education and health facilities, including basic education infrastructure, community colleges, universities as well as hospitals and dispensaries.
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