LiveChat Installation & User Guide

Download & Install, then open Google Chrome if you do not already have it.

Go to these links and download both the files:

LiveChat Extension:

LiveChat Form:

Unzip the files.

Paste the following link into your URL bar in Google Chrome: chrome://extensions/

Turn on “Developer Mode” in the top right corner.

Close out of Chrome, reopen it and navigate back to the extensions page.

Click the “Load Unpacked” button in the top left.

Navigate to the folder you downloaded and unzipped the downloaded files. Click the “livechat-extension” folder then click “Select. Then repeat the process and click the “livechat-form” folder.

The LiveChat Dashboard

You should have received an email from LiveChat Inc asking you to join a team. Open that email and click the “Join Now” button in the email to create your account and set your password.

Make sure you are logged in to LiveChat at

Once logged in, all your chats will be under “Chats” in the sidebar. Click that.

On the left you will see all your chats.

Unassigned are the chats waiting to be picked up.

My Chats are the chats you are currently on.

Queued When there is no agent who can take the chat at the moment (all agents reached their chat limit), the customer will go to the queue. Customers will wait in the queue until an agent will be available. You can always take the chat from the queue manually. Queued and Unassigned are kind of the same thing.

Canned Responses

To access canned responses you can click the # as seen in the image below or you can type a # in the chat to start. 


Dealer Specific Canned Responses


To find canned responses for a specific dealer then type the #store name ie. #bill ray nissan. When you do this, only the responses for Bill Ray Nissan will be visible in the list.


Setting Appointments

Appointments cannot be set directly in LiveChat as of yet so in the meantime, when you are ready to set an appointment with a customer you will find a link on the right side.

This link is generated from the Chrome Extension installed at the beginning of this documentation. IF YOU DO NOT SEE THIS LINK: Refresh the webpage on google chrome by holding the Shift key and clicking the refresh button on the left side of the URL bar.

This link will bring you directly to the inbox of this Facebook page where you can locate the chat near the top and set the appointment. From there you can close Facebook.

Finally, under the LiveChat chat box you will see a tags section. 

Click this and you will see the Appointment tag. Click that to finalize the appointment in LiveChat.

After setting the appointment and requesting the customers First and Last Name, Email, and Phone Number, click the extension in the top right to enable the lead form on LiveChat.


This will enable the lead form in the bottom right of the LiveChat page. Fill out the form with the info and click submit.