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How Facebook Inventory Ads
Technology Works

Your Inventory Feed → Facebook

Your Inventory Feed → Facebook

VIN-Specific Lead Capture

Target Local In-Market Shoppers

Dynamic Retargeting

Step 1: Your Vehicle Feed → Facebook

Carousel Format Pulls
Live Inventory & Places Into Scrolling Ads

Step 2: Local In-Market Shopper Targeting

EventFlow finds in-market vehicle shoppers.

We target lookalikes to current in-market shoppers browsing other auto sites including competitors, endemic sites, and onsite Facebook activities

Step 3: Send Shoppers To Your VDPs

Step 4: Retarget w/ Exact & Similar Cars (Like Amazon!)

Step 5:Vehicle for Lead Generation


  • Leads include full name, email, phone number
  • Sent to your CRM in ADF/XML format
  • 3 minutes or less

Facebook Offline Events(Sales Matchbacks)

  1. Upload sales report
  2. Track Facebook users who were impacted by your ads and bought within 28 days
  3. Attribute real unit sales!