Increasing car dealership leads can sometimes be an unbearable feat for a business that must juggle various operation responsibilities at once. In the digital age especially, it’s pretty obvious that the inflatable tube man no longer draws people in the way it used to. So what now?

Facebook Marketing has been proven to be the best way to reach clients. This is particularly true for car dealership lead generation, as most people nowadays research vehicles online. But online lead generation can be a daunting task for dealerships inexperienced with having an online presence. That’s why BDC Promotions is here to help.

The Strategy

BDC Promotions takes over the burden of lead generation for car dealerships, focusing on targeted ads and engagement that consistently brings in clients. The main strategy to generate more car dealership client leads has continuously been proven successful. BDC’s winning technique, split in two parts, begins with a Facebook Sales Event that brings attention to your dealership and increases engagement. BDC handles the creation and management of the Facebook event page, interacting with potential clients and booking appointments. From there, the leads are in your hands! The appointments are sent your way to turn the leads into successful deals.

The second part to BDC’s strategy is consistently managing targeted ads. By putting your inventory directly on the screens of shoppers and continuously engaging with them, BDC is able to produce dealership client leads that consistently end up at your front door.

Why It Works

The truth behind why this strategy is effective lies in the personal touch that BDC emphasizes about the dealership. Not only are personalized event pages and ads included in these promotions, but there is also an experienced team that will connect with clients and guide them all the way to you. BDC understands the difficulty of maintaining car dealership client leads, which is why the burden is passed over so you can solely focus on completing sales.

Don’t waste anymore time. Contact BDC Promotions and increase those client leads through the power of targeted marketing now!