Facebook Advertising for Dealerships

Facebook Magic

Facebook Marketing is definitely the best way to reach clients. Most people nowadays research vehicles online, but online lead generation can be a daunting task for dealerships inexperienced with having an online presence. That’s why BDC Promotions is here to help. We turn clicks into clients, and you turn those clients into successful car sales. 

The Key to Facebook Advertising

The secret to Facebook advertising for an auto dealership is bringing your dealership to life in the digital realm. BDC’s forte is converting the unique and dynamic charisma of your dealership into Facebook pages and ads to reach clients from their homes.

The Power of a Facebook Sales Event

BDC’s winning technique centers around a Facebook Sales Event that brings attention to your dealership and increases engagement. Beyond the likes and comments that this Sales Event is sure to bring, BDC works diligently to generate leads from these interactions, communicating with potential clients and booking appointments.

We’ll Help You Manage Ads

Advertising on Facebook can be tedious, since they need to be engaging, visually pleasing, and constantly maintained. BDC unloads that burden from your shoulders with high quality marketing on Facebook that brings in sales like nothing else.

Promote Your Dealership

Give your dealership an online presence with the help of BDC Promotions! We’ll enhance your business’s advertising with dynamic marketing and an expert team that will book appointments. Our goal is to boost your car sales, so we do all it takes to get clients to your doorstep.

Certified Success

When it comes to advertising your dealership on Facebook, no one boosts engagements like BDC Promotions. Our team of experts will not only get you more views, but more clients. You’ll book more appointments and sell more cars–we guarantee it!

Success Stories

Yep, we’ve got tons of them. Check them out!

Why BDC Promotions?

At BDC Promotions, we use dynamic, Facebook-centric marketing tactics to drive leads for your dealership. Using cutting edge social media strategies, we meet your customers where they are and give them the right tools to connect with you to find the perfect vehicle. With years of experience across a wide range of dealership types, we’ll help you close more sales than ever.

Get your automotive marketing journey started today!