Dealership Advertising

Book Appointments Faster

BDC crafts dynamic ads for your dealership that help you reach an even larger audience. From here, our experienced team interacts with potential clients and books appointments for you. By guiding them to your door, we take away that burden and instead leave you to do what you do best—selling cars!

Make Your Dealership Standout

More than just some nice graphics with a standard message, elevate your advertising with a unique edge. BDC gives your dealership a boost that generates more impressions than ever. We’ll bring your ads to the next level with a dynamic approach and unique touch that best fits your dealership.

The Best in the Game

BDC Promotions has repeatedly proven to be the best choice for auto dealership advertising. We understand the market and seek to generate as many leads as possible. Our team of experts will not only get you more views, but more clients. You’ll book more appointments and sell more cars–we guarantee it!

Boost Engagement

Our advertising strategies will do more than generate impressions on Facebook. Our tactics are proven to bring more appointments, more clients, and more profit. Turning likes into real-life clients is no easy feat, which is why we want you to leave that to us. BDC serves as your digital concierge, engaging with leads and guiding them straight to you. We’ll make your job easier and your dealership more successful.


Stand out among the rest with uniquely crafted ads that make your dealership shine. BDC creates ads that give you an edge against the competition.


Ads that not only look pretty, but get clicks! Reach more people and gain interactions with help from the best in dealership advertising.


The key to advertising is consistency, and no one gets that better than BDC. Stay consistent with your brand and remain memorable with BDC’s strategies.

Results You Can See

Outstanding advertising will not only boost your online presence, but the foot traffic at your dealership. No one else turns engagement to appointments like BDC. Our goal is not just to get likes and shares, but to book appointments and sell cars. You’ll see more than just impressions and views with BDC’s advertising strategies. 

Success Stories

Yep, we’ve got tons of them. Check them out!

Why BDC Promotions?

At BDC Promotions, we use dynamic, Facebook-centric marketing tactics to drive leads for your dealership. Using cutting edge social media strategies, we meet your customers where they are and give them the right tools to connect with you to find the perfect vehicle. With years of experience across a wide range of dealership types, we’ll help you close more sales than ever.

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