Adding Facebook Pages

Log in to the dashboard at

Username – [email protected] – Password – Ask Joey

On the left side, click “Import Account”

To add new pages, click the blue “Login with Facebook”

This will bring you to a Facebook page. Click “Edit Settings”

Select the pages you want to add then click “Next” then “Done” then “OK”

You will be brought back to the Convergix page. The new account(s) will appear in the list below. To quickly find the account you just added you can press CMD+F (CTRL+F if on Windows) and type in the name of the page.

Next to the page name you will see an icon with a plug. Click that icon then click “OK”.

Comment Automation

Log in to the dashboard at

Username – [email protected] – Password – Ask Joey

On the left side, click “Comment Automation”

In the dropdown, click “Automation Campaign”

On the left side of the page you will see your Facebook Pages. You can search the page you need in the search bar. Click the page to select it.

In the middle bottom, click the blue button that says “Enable full page reply”

This opens the settings for comment automation.

The top setting is “What do you want about offensive comments?” Set it to “Delete”

In the second section in the box on the left, copy and paste the follow keyword list from the below dropdown. Double click on the list to select it all. Click the tab to open and close.


Offensive Keywords List

scam, scams, liars, liar, beware, deceive, deceiving, deceptive, misleading, lmao, con, shakedown, fraud, swindle, racket, trick, gyp, jip, jyp, gip, hustle, shady, dishonest, laugh, laughing, afroamerican, 2 girls 1 cup, 2g1c, 4r5e, 5h1t, 5hit, a$$, a$$hole, a_s_s, a2m, a54, a55, a55hole, acrotomophilia, aeolus, ahole, alabama hot pocket, alaskan pipeline, anal, anal impaler, anal leakage, analprobe, anilingus, anus, apeshit, ar5e, areola, areole, arian, arrse, arse, arsehole, aryan, ass, ass fuck, ass fuck, ass hole, assbag, assbandit, assbang, assbanged, assbanger, assbangs, assbite, assclown, asscock, asscracker, asses, assface, assfaces, assfuck, assfucker, ass-fucker, assfukka, assgoblin, assh0le, asshat, ass-hat, asshead, assho1e, asshole, assholes, asshopper, ass-jabber, assjacker, asslick, asslicker, assmaster, assmonkey, assmucus, assmucus, assmunch, assmuncher, assnigger, asspirate, ass-pirate, assshit, assshole, asssucker, asswad, asswhole, asswipe, asswipes, auto erotic, autoerotic, axwound, azazel, azz, b!tch, b00bs, b17ch, b1tch, babeland, baby batter, baby juice, ball gag, ball gravy, ball kicking, ball licking, ball sack, ball sucking, ballbag, balls, ballsack, bampot, bang (one’s) box, bangbros, bareback, barely legal, barenaked, barf, bastard, bastardo, bastards, bastinado, batty boy, bawdy, bbw, bdsm, beaner, beaners, beardedclam, beastial, beastiality, beatch, beaver, beaver cleaver, beaver lips, beef curtain, beef curtain, beef curtains, beeyotch, bellend, bender, beotch, bescumber, bestial, bestiality, bi+ch, biatch, big black, big breasts, big knockers, big tits, bigtits, bimbo, bimbos, bint, birdlock, bitch, bitch tit, bitch tit, bitchass, bitched, bitcher, bitchers, bitches, bitchin, bitching, bitchtits, bitchy, black cock, blonde action, blonde on blonde action, bloodclaat, bloody, bloody hell, blow job, blow me, blow mud, blow your load, blowjob, blowjobs, blue waffle, blue waffle, blumpkin, blumpkin, bod, bodily, boink, boiolas, bollock, bollocks, bollok, bollox, bondage, boned, boner, boners, bong, boob, boobies, boobs, booby, booger, bookie, boong, booobs, boooobs, booooobs, booooooobs, bootee, bootie, booty, booty call, booze, boozer, boozy, bosom, bosomy, breasts, Breeder, brotherfucker, brown showers, brunette action, buceta, bugger, bukkake, bull shit, bulldyke, bullet vibe, bullshit, bullshits, bullshitted, bullturds, bum, bum boy, bumblefuck, bumclat, bummer, buncombe, bung, bung hole, bunghole, bunny fucker, bust a load, bust a load, busty, butt, butt fuck, butt fuck, butt plug, buttcheeks, buttfuck, buttfucka, buttfucker, butthole, buttmuch, buttmunch, butt-pirate, buttplug, c.0.c.k, c.o.c.k., c.u.n.t, c0ck, c-0-c-k, c0cksucker, caca, cacafuego, cahone, camel toe, cameltoe, camgirl, camslut, camwhore, carpet muncher, carpetmuncher, cawk, cervix, chesticle, chi-chi man, chick with a dick, child-fucker, chinc, chincs, chink, chinky, choad, choade, choade, choc ice, chocolate rosebuds, chode, chodes, chota bags, chota bags, cipa, circlejerk, cl1t, cleveland steamer, climax, clit, clit licker, clit licker, clitface, clitfuck, clitoris, clitorus, clits, clitty, clitty litter, clitty litter, clover clamps, clunge, clusterfuck, cnut, cocain, cocaine, coccydynia, cock, c-o-c-k, cock pocket, cock pocket, cock snot, cock snot, cock sucker, cockass, cockbite, cockblock, cockburger, cockeye, cockface, cockfucker, cockhead, cockholster, cockjockey, cockknocker, cockknoker, Cocklump, cockmaster, cockmongler, cockmongruel, cockmonkey, cockmunch, cockmuncher, cocknose, cocknugget, cocks, cockshit, cocksmith, cocksmoke, cocksmoker, cocksniffer, cocksuck, cocksuck, cocksucked, cocksucked, cocksucker, cock-sucker, cocksuckers, cocksucking, cocksucks, cocksucks, cocksuka, cocksukka, cockwaffle, coffin dodger, coital, cok, cokmuncher, coksucka, commie, condom, coochie, coochy, coon, coonnass, coons, cooter, cop some wood, cop some wood, coprolagnia, coprophilia, corksucker, cornhole, cornhole, corp whore, corp whore, corpulent, cox, crabs, crack, cracker, crackwhore, crap, crappy, creampie, cretin, crikey, cripple, crotte, cum, cum chugger, cum chugger, cum dumpster, cum dumpster, cum freak, cum freak, cum guzzler, cum guzzler, cumbubble, cumdump, cumdump, cumdumpster, cumguzzler, cumjockey, cummer, cummin, cumming, cums, cumshot, cumshots, cumslut, cumstain, cumtart, cunilingus, cunillingus, cunnie, cunnilingus, cunny, cunt, c-u-n-t, cunt hair, cunt hair, cuntass, cuntbag, cuntbag, cuntface, cunthole, cunthunter, cuntlick, cuntlick, cuntlicker, cuntlicker, cuntlicking, cuntlicking, cuntrag, cunts, cuntsicle, cuntsicle, cuntslut, cunt-struck, cunt-struck, cus, cut rope, cut rope, cyalis, cyberfuc, cyberfuck, cyberfuck, cyberfucked, cyberfucked, cyberfucker, cyberfuckers, cyberfucking, cyberfucking, d0ng, d0uch3, d0uche, d1ck, d1ld0, d1ldo, dago, dagos, dammit, damn, damned, damnit, darkie, darn, date rape, daterape, dawgie-style, deep throat, deepthroat, deggo, dendrophilia, dick, dick head, dick hole, dick hole, dick shy, dick shy, dickbag, dickbeaters, dickdipper, dickface, dickflipper, dickfuck, dickfucker, dickhead, dickheads, dickhole, dickish, dick-ish, dickjuice, dickmilk, dickmonger, dickripper, dicks, dicksipper, dickslap, dick-sneeze, dicksucker, dicksucking, dicktickler, dickwad, dickweasel, dickweed, dickwhipper, dickwod, dickzipper, diddle, dike, dildo, dildos, diligaf, dillweed, dimwit, dingle, dingleberries, dingleberry, dink, dinks, dipship, dipshit, dirsa, dirty, dirty pillows, dirty sanchez, dirty Sanchez, div, dlck, dog style, dog-fucker, doggie style, doggiestyle, doggie-style, doggin, dogging, doggy style, doggystyle, doggy-style, dolcett, domination, dominatrix, dommes, dong, donkey punch, donkeypunch, donkeyribber, doochbag, doofus, dookie, doosh, dopey, double dong, double penetration, Doublelift, douch3, douche, douchebag, douchebags, douche-fag, douchewaffle, douchey, dp action, drunk, dry hump, duche, dumass, dumb ass, dumbass, 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fudgepacker, fudge-packer, fuk, fuker, fukker, fukkers, fukkin, fuks, fukwhit, fukwit, fuq, futanari, fux, fux0r, fvck, fxck, gae, gai, gang bang, gangbang, gang-bang, gang-bang, gangbanged, gangbangs, ganja, gash, gassy ass, gassy ass, gay, gay sex, gayass, gaybob, gaydo, gayfuck, gayfuckist, gaylord, gays, gaysex, gaytard, gaywad, gender bender, genitals, gey, gfy, ghay, ghey, giant cock, gigolo, ginger, gippo, girl on, girl on top, girls gone wild, git, glans, goatcx, goatse, god, god damn, godamn, godamnit, goddam, god-dam, goddammit, goddamn, goddamned, god-damned, goddamnit, godsdamn, gokkun, golden shower, goldenshower, golliwog, gonad, gonads, goo girl, gooch, goodpoop, gook, gooks, goregasm, gringo, grope, group sex, gspot, g-spot, gtfo, guido, guro, h0m0, h0mo, ham flap, ham flap, hand job, handjob, hard core, hard on, hardcore, hardcoresex, he11, hebe, heeb, hell, hemp, hentai, heroin, herp, herpes, herpy, heshe, he-she, hircismus, hitler, hiv, ho, hoar, hoare, hobag, hoe, hoer, holy shit, hom0, homey, homo, homodumbshit, homoerotic, homoey, honkey, honky, hooch, hookah, hooker, hoor, hootch, hooter, hooters, hore, horniest, horny, hot carl, hot chick, hotsex, how to kill, how to murdep, how to murder, huge fat, hump, humped, humping, hun, hussy, hymen, iap, iberian slap, inbred, incest, injun, intercourse, jack off, jackass, jackasses, jackhole, jackoff, jack-off, jaggi, jagoff, jail bait, jailbait, jap, japs, jelly donut, jerk, jerk off, jerk0ff, jerkass, jerked, jerkoff, jerk-off, jigaboo, jiggaboo, jiggerboo, jism, jiz, jiz, jizm, jizm, jizz, jizzed, jock, juggs, jungle bunny, junglebunny, junkie, junky, kafir, kawk, kike, kikes, kill, kinbaku, kinkster, kinky, klan, knob, knob end, knobbing, knobead, knobed, knobend, knobhead, knobjocky, knobjokey, kock, kondum, kondums, kooch, kooches, kootch, kraut, kum, kummer, kumming, kums, kunilingus, kunja, kunt, kwif, kwif, kyke, l3i+ch, l3itch, labia, lameass, lardass, leather restraint, leather straight jacket, lech, lemon party, LEN, leper, lesbian, lesbians, lesbo, lesbos, lez, lezza/lesbo, lezzie, lmao, lmfao, loin, loins, lolita, looney, lovemaking, lube, lust, lusting, lusty, m0f0, m0fo, m45terbate, ma5terb8, ma5terbate, mafugly, mafugly, make me come, male squirting, mams, masochist, massa, masterb8, masterbat*, masterbat3, masterbate, master-bate, master-bate, masterbating, masterbation, masterbations, masturbate, masturbating, masturbation, maxi, mcfagget, menage a trois, menses, menstruate, menstruation, meth, m-fucking, mick, microphallus, middle finger, midget, milf, minge, minger, missionary position, mof0, mofo, mo-fo, molest, mong, moo moo foo foo, moolie, moron, mothafuck, mothafucka, mothafuckas, mothafuckaz, mothafucked, mothafucked, mothafucker, mothafuckers, mothafuckin, mothafucking, mothafucking, mothafuckings, mothafucks, mother fucker, mother fucker, motherfuck, motherfucka, motherfucked, motherfucker, motherfuckers, motherfuckin, motherfucking, motherfuckings, 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In the next section of settings change the Do you want to like on comment by page?” to “Yes”

In the next section, select the “Generic message for all” toggle.

Set the Auto Reply Campaign name as anything. I use “ar”

Copy and paste the below toggle information for the comment.

Comment Reply Message

{Hi|Hey|Hello|Hey there} #TAG_USER#, {thanks for leaving a comment|thanks for reaching out|got your comment|We can help you|We’re here to help}. {Just sent you a message!|Sent you a private message.|Check your inbox🙂|Sent you a message!🙂|Messaged you!|Check your inbox!|Just messaged you!|Left you a message🙂}

At the bottom, under the “Select a message template for private reply [Maximum two reply message is supported.]” box, click the small text that says “add message template”.

A pop up will open. At the top is template name. Put anything. I use “dm”. I do the same “dm” for Postback ID.

Near the bottom change the Typing on display “delay in reply” to 15.

Copy the below toggle for the reply message. 

Direct Reply Message

Hi #LEAD_USER_FIRST_NAME#, thanks for reaching out on our sales event! Are you looking to Buy, Sell, or Trade?

After you paste that, click the “Submit” button. Then click the “Close & Refresh List”

Then click the “Save” button in the bottom left.

This has enabled the comment automation. To turn it off you will will a toggle to the right of “Full page campaigns” Click that to stop the automation.