Of course car dealerships can advertise on Facebook! Facebook marketing is a recently discovered avenue for car dealerships to reach an impressive amount of clients with the click of a button. However, Facebook ads for car dealers aren’t usually just a simple promotion of a business. That’s why BDC Promotions carries the burden of facebook marketing for car dealerships.


Sales Events

When it comes to promoting an auto dealership on Facebook, the tactic with proven success is a sales event. BDC creates a unique event page for your dealership, reaching 100,000 to 500,000 unique potential customers online. Beyond simply reaching them, BDC understands that engaging them is what is truly important. Converting likes and digital interactions into physical customers entering your dealership can be burdensome, but consistently driving engagement through a sales event page is what BDC does best.

Auto dealer Facebook marketing is simplified through BDC’s sales event tactic. Other than the dealership event page, they also provide custom promotional ads which are boosted to reach more leads. On top of the BDC team interacting with clients, there is a chat bot that maximizes productivity and ensures that all clients are sufficiently cared for. These tools help exponentially increase the amount of engagements that ultimately become appointments and thus sales.

Engaging Ads

Beyond sales events, BDC also creates Facebook ads for car dealers that effectively promote the business. Consistently uploading dynamic inventory ads allows for your dealership to extend itself into the social media realm. More than just the ad itself, BDC also tends to those who interact with the ad, encouraging them to follow through with the sale. BDC uses these ads to guide shoppers directly to your website.

Don’t wait to engage future clients through your dealership ads on Facebook. Contact BDC Promotions to get the best engagements and convert clicks to clients.